*Parts of this document

 containing sensitive

 information have
 been expurgated.


Sir/Ma’am, your assistance has been requested for a high-profile
rescue operation
. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves
pulling our key asset – Private Brian – from a tense crisis situation.
The following is further information for your perusal,
inclusive of the mission background, objectives and scope.


Private Brian is a recent visual
communication graduate, currently
in the midst of fulfilling his
2 years of compulsory National
in the Singapore Armed
Forces. Since his conscription in
August 2013, he has devoted his
time and energy to serving his
nation with pride. As such,
however, he has had limited time
for his creative pursuits, spending
his days  xx  haha knew that  xx
    xx you would try to read xx
xx this.. xx Lack of practice is
slowly but surely dulling our
asset's creative edge
, and this
is where you come in.


To reclaim and re-establish our asset’s creative thinking skills and
bring him back to top form by the completion of his national service
on the 12th of August, 2015.


We have been conducting strict
surveillance and based on our
Intel, we have firm reason to
believe that most of Private
Brian’s limited time out of camp is spent recuperating
(Asset often
exhausted from activities in camp).
Nonetheless, there are windows of
opportunity – namely pockets of
admin (free) time in camp – that
can be utilised for some creative
work. However, a lack of resources
(computer, design software etc)
makes it almost impossible to
execute a full-scale project.


Our forces have successfully
established a platform for the safe
submission and passage of creative briefs to Private Brian. To submit
a brief, simply access the form via
the ‘Submit’ button at the top
right of the page.


As he is armed with just a notebook
and smartphone, solutions to briefs
would be presented in the form of
These sketches are
scanned onto his smartphone and
uploaded onto the activity log,
where our asset's situation can
be monitored.


As our objective is to force our
asset back to optimal performance
Private Brian needs to creatively
solve anything we can throw him
– be it for products, services,
social-causes or everyday problems.


Repeated briefs aside, our asset
will do his best to solve all
submitted briefs
, including
ridiculous ‘troll’ ones.

We warn that embarking on this mission will bring you little to no
personal gain or glory.
On the behalf of Private Brian, we want to
sincerely thank those who choose to provide their assistance to this
mission for their gallant display of selflessness and compassion.

This project is solely for self-promotion, and the Singapore Armed Forces is in no way involved.
Content has been dramatised to fit the project’s theme and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 

Get in touch at contact.brianlim@gmail.com for further enquiries.


© 2015 Brian Lim